Riddersholm Design

If you are already a Riddersholm Design paper lover… you will definately love my collection Woodlands of Scandinavia.
These colors are found from the Turquoice gemstone that is the namesake for the color. And I just love those bluis tones….
The inspiration and some of the included pictures in this collection come from the nature and environment around my home in the Danish National Park Mols Bjerge. 
I hope it will inspirer and you will enjoy to work with it.

It is sold by the Danish wholesale company HOBBYGROS.


Riddersholm Design has been around since 2010 where I launched my first paper collection. Riddersholm Design is run by me Connie and Riddersholm is my last name. It all startet with some playaround with collages and making backgrounds to some of the 1000 of pictures i take.

But then the idea grow… i got som very vise advice from a bunch of creative paper loving gals… they liked my style and designs and said GO FOR IT… and i did.

Over the years I have been selling to 12 countries made contact with amazing positive and engaged customers. I have made friends all over the world whom carries the creative spirit and fire and showed me their trust and supportet my work… thanks.